Spring Break and 100 Days of Writing Music

I'm on spring break this week, taking a much needed break from teaching and most other work. I'm spending half of the week at home, and leaving tomorrow for 4 days in San Francisco! The impetus for the trip was seeing Hermeto Pascoal, one of my favorite musicians, play at SFJazz - he hardly ever plays in the U.S., and is 80 years old, so I knew that a concert during my spring break was perfect timing, and had to happen! I'm so excited to see him live, and to go to California Brazil Camp this year, since he'll be teaching there! (I signed up on the first day of registration, of course.) I'll also get to see family and friends, and even make some music while I'm there. 

I'm trying my best to relax this week, but I am actually starting a 100 Day Project today: 100 Days of Writing Music. Every day from April 4 until July 12, people around the world are undertaking various creative projects for 100 days. I've been wanting to get a better composing habit going, so I'm going to write 8 measures of music every day, post it on my Instagram with the hashtag #100daysofwritingmusic, and also record them and upload to SoundCloud or YouTube. (More on the last part soon.)

The last day before a trip is always a whirlwind of packing, last-minute errands, and finishing up work, so now it is actually time to relax!

If you're doing a 100 Day Project, I'd love to follow along - post your hashtag in the comments!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer