100 Days of Writing Music - Listen on SoundCloud


It’s finally May, my favorite month! I happen to have been born in May, but I actually love it because in Minnesota, it’s the first month that we can be pretty sure it’ll feel and look like spring. (Although, it snowed on Monday - memo to Mother Nature: we didn’t appreciate that. As long as it doesn’t snow for the May Day Parade on Sunday, I’m all good.)

Since Easter, I’ve finished writing the choro I was working on, performed it at the New Ruckus, accompanied for 4 violin recitals and numerous rehearsals, played a gig of Brazilian solo piano at St. Paul Art Crawl, and had a meeting to plan a future concert, all on top of my regular teaching schedule, planning my summer schedule and writing blog posts. Next up this weekend: a school concert with my trio, more teaching, more rehearsals, another violin recital, and marching in the May Day Parade (one of my very favorite Minneapolis events) with Batucada do Norte! No wonder I feel like I need to nap for a month.

Even though I'm still in the midst of almost a month without any time off, I managed to sneak in some time to record many of the pieces I've written over the last 30 days of my 100 Day Project, 100 Days of Writing Music. Nothing too high-tech, just my iPhone and a nice piano, but that way you can hear what they sound like if you don’t read music. I’ve made a SoundCloud playlist here:

And of course, you can always follow along on my Instagram, with the hashtag #100daysofwritingmusic, where I post photos of each day’s piece, and watch Instagram Stories for videos of me playing them.

If you’re doing a 100 Day Project, or have ever taken on a similar daily creative habit/challenge, tell me about it in the comments!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer