Coming Soon: Self Care September Instagram Challenge


September always feels like a fresh start to me, so that's why I'm hosting Self Care September, a free 30-day challenge with daily prompts to share on Instagram. We can collect new ideas, and know that we're in it together - you’re all invited!

⁠There will be a daily prompt that you can post on your Instagram page or Stories...and maybe even a giveaway!⁠

I'm really passionate about self-care as a way of life, not as something we earn as a reward, but as a basic human right. Sometimes it's pretty and Instagrammable (like a bath bomb or a candle), sometimes it's boring or even unpleasant (like dentistry), but there are always accessible ways to care for ourselves better, and plenty that don't cost anything except a little bit of time! ⁠⠀

Next week I'll post the prompts and exactly how to participate, but you can also hop on my email list below to make sure that you get a reminder before September starts, and in the meantime, follow me on Instagram at @rebecca_hass, and the hashtag⁠ to use is #cfcwselfcareseptember!

Being A Whole Person Podcast Launch!


It’s an exciting day: Episode 1 of the Being A Whole Person podcast is out! This episode is just Lexie and I, introducing ourselves and our businesses, self-care rituals, and spiritual practices. We also talk about what inspired the creation of this podcast.

Starting next week, subsequent episodes will each feature an interview with a different creative entrepreneur, exploring the intersection of business, self-care, and spirituality in real and honest conversations.

Tune in to hear Episode 1, and click here for show notes.


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Season 1 episodes will come out every Thursday through the end of June.

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Thanks for listening - we can’t wait to share more with you!