Episode 3: Building a Dream Life with Shaun Delgado-Harris


In this episode, Rebecca and Lexie chat with Shaun Delgado-Harris, wedding planner and owner of Rogue Wedding Co.

Tune in to hear about Shaun’s journey to where she is now and why she has committed herself to being a voice for those who are underrepresented within the wedding industry. Hear her take on why you don’t have to have a “passion-filled” career to feel like a whole person.



  • Learning from old bosses and how that helps you in your own business

  • Developing a career that supports the lifestyle we want

  • Finding meaning in what we do as business owners

  • Getting super dreamy about #allthethings

  • Do your passions actually need to be monetized?

  • Should creativity be graded?

  • Therapy and “checking out” as a form of self-care

  • All women are witches and...hysterical?!

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Rebecca Hass

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