Episode 11: Down to Earth and Spiritually Nourished with Lisa Dolan


This episode is such a delight! We talk with Lisa Dolan, owner and creator of Lark Skin Co in St. Louis, Missouri. Listen in to hear her story about how she went from making skin care products for herself to having a meditation experience that gave her a full vision of what her products were meant to become. You might think the owner of a skin care brand would be into all of the most luxurious self-care techniques but Lisa lets us in on her secret of what self-care really means to her in her life. To us, Lisa’s life feels like a magical blend of creative business, self-care, and spirituality, with a down-to-earth bow to tie it all together.



  • Lisa’s story and how she went from being a cosmetologist to starting a skin care brand

  • Getting products into Urban Outfitters

  • The difference between having a service business and a product business

  • The struggle with establishing boundaries and not bringing your work home with you

  • Identifying the differences between having an online product business and a brick and mortar location

  • Being more assertive in your dealings with other people and other businesses and why it’s important to stay on top of having difficult conversations instead of waiting for them to “go away”

  • How even when you own a self-care-product-centric business, self-care doesn’t always look like facemasks

  • Establishing consistency in your spiritual and self-care practices

  • Knowing when to hire people that can take your business to the next level

  • Growing up in and establishing a mixed religion/beliefs household

  • How even when you set out to manifest something, the Universe usually knows better of when, how, and what will actually get manifested in your life

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Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer