April and May are times with increased amounts of work and social activities, as we all come alive after the hibernation state of winter. We want to do ALL THE THINGS, but suddenly, we feel like we don’t have time to come up for air. Can you relate?

Spring is my favorite season, and I used to never be able to enjoy it!

Spring doesn’t have to be a time of burnout - I want you to be able to enjoy it, too!

I’ll be sharing how I look at and construct my schedule, and how that’s changed for me over the years as I’ve prioritized more rest and balance in my life. We’ll use writing and tangible tips to explore what gives you energy and what depletes it, and how to put the energy you do have toward having a more rewarding life.

You’ll leave with a better idea of how your schedule can work for you, not the other way around, and how to prioritize rest to refuel yourself. I’ll also share a list of my favorite resources, and answer your questions.

If you can’t attend the workshop live, you can submit questions ahead of time, and there will be a replay that you can watch whenever you want.