Episode 14: Presence and Holding Space with Sara Garnier


Today’s episode is with Sara Garnier, a massage therapist focused on craniosacral therapy. Her business is called Presence Bodywork, which, once you hear from her, you’ll see why that’s the perfect name. After dealing with Lyme disease a few years ago, Sara went through a transformation which left her much more rooted in intuition, embodiment practices, and the most intensive self-care we’ve ever heard about! We have deep conversation about so many things, including how she moved from a more general massage therapy background to specializing in craniosacral therapy, how we often work too hard in an effort to prove our worth, and how she determines her personal energy capacity, which is all very inspiring. 

This is the last episode in Season 1, but we’ll keep you posted about the start date of Season 2!



  • Sara’s background in massage therapy and how she came to specializing in craniosacral therapy

  • Her first time turning down a client and how that made her feel

  • Famine/scarcity mindset

  • Allowing space for transformation in her clients and herself

  • The importance of knowing her limits

  • That no one really prepares you for the emotional side of being your own boss

  • How Sara transitioned from being an employee to being her own boss

  • Getting embodied (paying attention to bodily signals)

  • Committing to listening to intuition is its own accomplishment

  • The “hustle” and not listening to our bodies is destructive

  • Working to prove one’s worth (subconsciously or not)

  • The slippery slope of working constantly

  • How Sara determines her capacity and creates her schedule accordingly, even quantifying the hours of rest needed to preserve her energy

  • Sara’s self-care practices (next-level!), including meditation, body work, music, yoga, walking, pets, quiet evenings, conscious movement group

  • Practicing present awareness and being “ridiculously tender” with herself

  • Drawbacks and benefits of social media (“a socially acceptable form of addiction”)

  • What she’s intentionally stepped away from and released, in order to make more space for what matters

  • Sara’s spiritual practices and how they’ve impacted her life, business, and how she interacts with clients and others in her life

  • The power of the somatic meditation retreat that she had just returned from

  • Giving ourselves more credit when dealing with traumas of all sizes

  • It’s okay if all of this spiritual stuff is difficult - it’s all a practice!

  • Meeting everything with presence as it shows up, and not turning away

  • Sara’s astrological chart and how it reflects in her business and personal life

  • Friendly reminder: we are okay the way we are, and we don’t need to be fixed - we can hold space for each other!

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Episode 13: Radical Generosity with Maggie Gentry


Today’s episode is with Maggie Gentry, founder of Own Your Why. She is a thought partner and business coach that helps creatives who are deeply craving support and space to make the pivotal transitions that will sustain their soul work. Her journey from a marketing background to owning her own business is really interesting, and she tells us about the spiritual shifts she’s made toward trusting her intuition and going through an intensive meditation training. The most exciting change that Maggie has made in her work has been turning her Own Your Why community into a pay-what-you-can offering, and how that embracing radical generosity has affected her. Her generous spirit really radiates through in this wonderful conversation!



  • How traditional goal setting can be too arbitrary to allow us to adjust to new information

  • What it’s been like to crave structure yet wanting to rebel against it in favor of flexibility

  • Busy-ness as consumption, and how digital consumption can parallel the consumption of food

  • The difficulties of uncertainty in business, which contrasts with how we often see it portrayed

  • Establishing boundaries between life and work

  • Our complicated relationships with money as business owners, supplementary income, and stress tolerance

  • Trying out taking a full time job and how that didn’t align

  • How the Being Boss podcast connected all 3 of us, and the origin story of this podcast

  • Maggie’s long and leisurely morning routine - slow mornings are her most important self care

  • Meditation training and noble silence

  • Maggie’s self-care must haves - self-care that doesn’t just “check the box”

  • Maggie’s astrological chart and how it relates to her business, communication, and more

  • How the philosophy behind Simon Sinek’s Own Your Why inspired Maggie to try a totally  new pricing model - pay as you’re able

  • Radical generosity

  • The importance of trust (Maggie’s word for 2018) and inner work in her life lately

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Episode 12: Trusting Your Own Authority with Kourtney Thomas


In this episode, we chat with Kourtney Thomas, a conquer-the-world life coach for women who want to know what the hell they’re doing. Kourtney is no-bullshit; that will be apparent right from the start. It’s hard to not feel inspired and utterly motivated during this conversation. Kourtney’s approach to business and life will show you that you don’t need to listen to all of the “experts” out there, because according to her, “The right way is the way that works for you.”



  • Simple ways to prepare for being a business owner that not everyone thinks about at first

  • Not subscribing to the idea that you have to do all the standard marketing tactics such as the “Ideal Avatar”

  • The importance of core values and how they help you make decisions

  • Reading as a form of self-care but not always the self-help books

  • How people consume all kinds of things to “help” themselves never really doing anything about it

  • The unfortunate marketing ploys “experts” use to sell us on self-help

  • Having your own authority over yourself and finding your power on your own

  • How even coaches need coaches!

  • Magic Bullet Syndrome

  • Using the Moon for planning, journaling, and developing as a person

  • Picking and choosing from multiple forms of religion and beliefs

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Episode 11: Down to Earth and Spiritually Nourished with Lisa Dolan


This episode is such a delight! We talk with Lisa Dolan, owner and creator of Lark Skin Co in St. Louis, Missouri. Listen in to hear her story about how she went from making skin care products for herself to having a meditation experience that gave her a full vision of what her products were meant to become. You might think the owner of a skin care brand would be into all of the most luxurious self-care techniques but Lisa lets us in on her secret of what self-care really means to her in her life. To us, Lisa’s life feels like a magical blend of creative business, self-care, and spirituality, with a down-to-earth bow to tie it all together.



  • Lisa’s story and how she went from being a cosmetologist to starting a skin care brand

  • Getting products into Urban Outfitters

  • The difference between having a service business and a product business

  • The struggle with establishing boundaries and not bringing your work home with you

  • Identifying the differences between having an online product business and a brick and mortar location

  • Being more assertive in your dealings with other people and other businesses and why it’s important to stay on top of having difficult conversations instead of waiting for them to “go away”

  • How even when you own a self-care-product-centric business, self-care doesn’t always look like facemasks

  • Establishing consistency in your spiritual and self-care practices

  • Knowing when to hire people that can take your business to the next level

  • Growing up in and establishing a mixed religion/beliefs household

  • How even when you set out to manifest something, the Universe usually knows better of when, how, and what will actually get manifested in your life

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Episode 10: Having an Intentional Mindset with Amanda Dennelly


Today’s episode is with Amanda Dennelly, a Mindset Coach who helps creatives and entrepreneurs stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed so they can grow their business and create more time to do what they love. We chat about the fact that the dreams we have might change and that’s totally okay. We talk about the mindset work Amanda has done in her own life and business to feel more whole, and how it doesn’t really matter WHAT you believe spiritually, but that you have an intentional belief in something. Amanda’s point of view, business experience, and life experience gives way to a lively conversation that we hope you enjoy.



  • Having a dream job but not being totally satisfied

  • Having all the creative tools to have a creative business but maybe lacking the business tools  

  • The power of Google when embarking on anything new

  • Amanda’s own mindset work she’s done and helps others with

  • The power of defining your dreams and/or goals

  • Listening to your body when it’s telling you it needs a break

  • The importance of grounding techniques for self-care

  • How having experiences with different cultural/religious backgrounds has impacted Amanda’s beliefs

  • Why it’s so important to have an exact birth time for birth chart interpretations

  • Having a solid morning routine

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Episode 9: Listening to What's Best For You with Amanda Green


Today’s interview is with Amanda Green, a Human Design Chart reader and owner of Intuitive Galaxy. If you’ve never heard of Human Design before, this episode will give you some insight into what the area of study is and how it can be used but you’ll have to go to Amanda’s website to learn more details if Human Design interests you. We talk largely about Amanda’s transition from side-passion to full-time business owner, how we are not all designed to be doing things the same way in life and business, and the amazing things that can happen if we just start paying a little more attention to ourselves. Amanda shares such wonderful reminders that just because someone has found success one way, it doesn’t mean that it has to be our way, too.



  • Human Design and what it is

  • Amanda’s transition from side-passion to full time in her business

  • How Amanda found Human Design

  • Being a mother, wife, business owner and how these identities blend together

  • What it means to take a leap of faith

  • Using Human Design and Astrology to inform decisions in life and business

  • The necessity of listening to our bodies and resting

  • Taking care of ourselves and how that plays into the success of our businesses

  • Trusting rest over action

  • Emotional labor in the household

  • How it’s impossible to have multiple priorities AND not be stressed out

  • Meditation

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Episode 8: Human-Centered Creative Business with Laura Holway


In this episode, you’ll hear from writer, small business advisor, and artist Laura Holway, who provides Small Art Advising: business coaching for ambitious creative humans that value ease and sustainability as much as impact and growth. She helps creative people make plans and create work that aligns with what they need. We covered so many topics relating to creative work and personal evolution, through Laura’s lens of movement, which makes sense, since she’s also a dance artist! Her approach to human-centered business is refreshing, inspiring, and genuine.



  • Laura’s career path and how it’s evolved since she came to Minneapolis as a dance artist in 2005

  • How she discovered that artists need support in order to create sustainably

  • Trusting the process via movement / taking action - it isn’t linear

  • The uncomfortability of creating your own path

  • How her new Map Your Movement offering came about

  • The benefits and challenges of being focused and unfocused

  • What is creative energy?

  • Laura’s self-care practices and how they expand beyond things that usually get that label

  • Boundaries as self-care

  • Movement and its various purposes in creative work and life

  • Laura’s spiritual practices and beliefs (God is not a white man!)

  • Human-centered business as opposed to profit-centered business

  • Experimentation as a philosophy

  • And so much more!

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Episode 7: Intuitive Life and Business with Erin Lowndes


In this episode, you’ll hear from Erin Lowndes, a wedding planner and the owner of Plain With Sprinkles Events. Hear her story about how she unexpectedly found her way into the wedding industry after having studied and worked in stage management. Erin also talks about where she is in her business at the moment which is largely centered around hiring employees and getting a better handle on her money now that she’s not the only person who’s getting paid. You will also hear how Erin connects with her intuition both for life and business, the difference between health care and self-care and learning how to be a someone’s boss.



  • Erin’s story from college to business owner

  • The similarities between Stage Management and Wedding coordination

  • Moving across the country + planning her own wedding at the same time

  • Why having a Wedding Planner is actually pretty freaking awesome

  • Thinking that you’re starting one kind of business but you’re actually starting a different kind

  • The pricing woes of Wedding Industry

  • Money Management for wedding planners

  • Introducing employees into your business and how to pay them

  • The “Profit First” Model

  • Gender Roles and generation gaps in traditional employment

  • Health Care vs Self-care

  • Dreamy morning and evening routines

  • Journaling, tarot, and connecting to your intuition

  • Changes within the Catholic Faith

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