Episode 4: Living in Alignment with Ambi Kavanaugh


In this episode, you’ll hear from Ambi Kavanagh, the astrologer and spiritual teacher behind Alchemy with Ambi. You’ll hear how she went from being a lawyer in England to an astrologer in LA. Her approach to self-care is very much about getting in tune with yourself. Also, you’ll hear all about how business and spirituality are closely entwined for Ambi.
This episode is full of genuine wisdom from Ambi and we are so humbled that she felt called to share her far reaching knowledge on our podcast.



  • Ambi’s journey to where she is now

  • When you start on your aligned path, the Universe starts supporting that

  • How Ambi discovered her self-employment path

  • Being of service to others in many different ways

  • Personal money management

  • Social media usage and stepping away from it

  • What self-care means to Ambi

  • “Boring” self-care

  • Self-care doesn’t always mean spending money on yourself

  • Donating and giving back

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