Episode 5: Doing the Damn Thing with Raven Marin


In this episode, you’ll hear Raven of Love and Local Business talk very candidly about her entrepreneurial journey, reaching a state of burnout, and how deeply connected her and her family are to spirituality. It is our hope that while you listen to Raven’s story, you soak up her “you can do whatever the eff you want as long as you’re not being a shitty person” type of energy. This conversation takes some twists and turns and by the end of it, you’ll likely want to rush over to Instagram or her website to get a glimpse at this multi-dimensional, entertaining, no-bullshit person!



  • Raven’s entrepreneurial journey and how it was mostly an accident

  • Being active on a community college campus

  • Is it okay to NOT go to college?

  • The fast-paced changes in the business world and how education needs to catch up

  • Getting burned out and letting self-care slide

  • Connecting to your intuition

  • Catholic School and wanting to become a nun

  • Raven’s family lineage of witches

  • Raven’s own experience with reading objects

  • Listening to your body and giving it the space it needs


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Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer