Episode 2: Authenticity + Trusting Your Process With Lucia Hawley


In this episode, Rebecca and Lexie talk with Lucia Hawley, NTP, of Essential Omnivore, whose mission is “taking the fear out of food, one bite at a time”, and who absolutely views each of her clients as a whole person.



  • Lucia’s path to becoming an NTP (nutrition therapy practitioner) and background in social work

  • Lucia’s health journey

  • Transitioning from working as an employee to being self-employed and working virtually

  • Authenticity - how much we all value it in ourselves and others

  • Burnout and how personal each person’s experience is

  • The importance of trusting your own process + timeline

  • Flowing with change as an entrepreneur, and the discomfort that naturally comes with that

  • Self-confidence

  • Lucia’s self-care and spiritual practices

  • The “Digital Munchies

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Lucia’s astrological chart and how it relates to her business

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Rebecca Hass

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