Episode 8: Human-Centered Creative Business with Laura Holway


In this episode, you’ll hear from writer, small business advisor, and artist Laura Holway, who provides Small Art Advising: business coaching for ambitious creative humans that value ease and sustainability as much as impact and growth. She helps creative people make plans and create work that aligns with what they need. We covered so many topics relating to creative work and personal evolution, through Laura’s lens of movement, which makes sense, since she’s also a dance artist! Her approach to human-centered business is refreshing, inspiring, and genuine.



  • Laura’s career path and how it’s evolved since she came to Minneapolis as a dance artist in 2005

  • How she discovered that artists need support in order to create sustainably

  • Trusting the process via movement / taking action - it isn’t linear

  • The uncomfortability of creating your own path

  • How her new Map Your Movement offering came about

  • The benefits and challenges of being focused and unfocused

  • What is creative energy?

  • Laura’s self-care practices and how they expand beyond things that usually get that label

  • Boundaries as self-care

  • Movement and its various purposes in creative work and life

  • Laura’s spiritual practices and beliefs (God is not a white man!)

  • Human-centered business as opposed to profit-centered business

  • Experimentation as a philosophy

  • And so much more!

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