Episode 6: Bravery and Creativity with Emily Ann Peterson


In this episode, you’ll hear singer-songwriter, speaker, creative consultant, and author Emily Ann Peterson share her journey through the many facets of her career, and how her life as a musician changed when she received a degenerative neurological hand tremor diagnosis in 2013. This diagnosis led to a fascination with the concept of bravery, which led to a podcast, Facebook community, and eventually the bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery: How To Be Creatively Courageous. In her learning lab for creative visionaries, The School of Bravery, she also teaches creative entrepreneurs how to prepare, launch, and recover from their own seasons of bravery, which is inherently required of all business owners and creative people We’re really excited for you to hear her wisdom on the overlap of all of these topics!



  • The various facets of Emily Ann’s career, such as songwriting, consulting, and writing, and how they make up her “income quilt”

  • Her Cello Yoga project and its unexpected success

  • Utilitarian projects vs. artistic projects

  • When “good enough” is just fine, instead of bullying oneself into perfection

  • Her health condition, which forced a career change away from the cello as her main focus

  • How this led to her interest in bravery and courage, and eventually her podcast and book Bare Naked Bravery

  • The recipe and ingredients for bravery and using them in life and business

  • Figuring out the crossover between separate audiences for different career facets while still speaking specifically to a specific niche

  • Finding ways to thrive and work efficiently with chronic illness

  • The importance of market research when starting a business

  • Planning for failure in order to succeed

  • The root of overwhelm

  • Automating self-care

  • Creative practices as spiritual practices

  • Not being ashamed of day jobs or side hustles

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