Episode 7: Intuitive Life and Business with Erin Lowndes


In this episode, you’ll hear from Erin Lowndes, a wedding planner and the owner of Plain With Sprinkles Events. Hear her story about how she unexpectedly found her way into the wedding industry after having studied and worked in stage management. Erin also talks about where she is in her business at the moment which is largely centered around hiring employees and getting a better handle on her money now that she’s not the only person who’s getting paid. You will also hear how Erin connects with her intuition both for life and business, the difference between health care and self-care and learning how to be a someone’s boss.



  • Erin’s story from college to business owner

  • The similarities between Stage Management and Wedding coordination

  • Moving across the country + planning her own wedding at the same time

  • Why having a Wedding Planner is actually pretty freaking awesome

  • Thinking that you’re starting one kind of business but you’re actually starting a different kind

  • The pricing woes of Wedding Industry

  • Money Management for wedding planners

  • Introducing employees into your business and how to pay them

  • The “Profit First” Model

  • Gender Roles and generation gaps in traditional employment

  • Health Care vs Self-care

  • Dreamy morning and evening routines

  • Journaling, tarot, and connecting to your intuition

  • Changes within the Catholic Faith

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