Episode 14: Presence and Holding Space with Sara Garnier


Today’s episode is with Sara Garnier, a massage therapist focused on craniosacral therapy. Her business is called Presence Bodywork, which, once you hear from her, you’ll see why that’s the perfect name. After dealing with Lyme disease a few years ago, Sara went through a transformation which left her much more rooted in intuition, embodiment practices, and the most intensive self-care we’ve ever heard about! We have deep conversation about so many things, including how she moved from a more general massage therapy background to specializing in craniosacral therapy, how we often work too hard in an effort to prove our worth, and how she determines her personal energy capacity, which is all very inspiring. 

This is the last episode in Season 1, but we’ll keep you posted about the start date of Season 2!



  • Sara’s background in massage therapy and how she came to specializing in craniosacral therapy

  • Her first time turning down a client and how that made her feel

  • Famine/scarcity mindset

  • Allowing space for transformation in her clients and herself

  • The importance of knowing her limits

  • That no one really prepares you for the emotional side of being your own boss

  • How Sara transitioned from being an employee to being her own boss

  • Getting embodied (paying attention to bodily signals)

  • Committing to listening to intuition is its own accomplishment

  • The “hustle” and not listening to our bodies is destructive

  • Working to prove one’s worth (subconsciously or not)

  • The slippery slope of working constantly

  • How Sara determines her capacity and creates her schedule accordingly, even quantifying the hours of rest needed to preserve her energy

  • Sara’s self-care practices (next-level!), including meditation, body work, music, yoga, walking, pets, quiet evenings, conscious movement group

  • Practicing present awareness and being “ridiculously tender” with herself

  • Drawbacks and benefits of social media (“a socially acceptable form of addiction”)

  • What she’s intentionally stepped away from and released, in order to make more space for what matters

  • Sara’s spiritual practices and how they’ve impacted her life, business, and how she interacts with clients and others in her life

  • The power of the somatic meditation retreat that she had just returned from

  • Giving ourselves more credit when dealing with traumas of all sizes

  • It’s okay if all of this spiritual stuff is difficult - it’s all a practice!

  • Meeting everything with presence as it shows up, and not turning away

  • Sara’s astrological chart and how it reflects in her business and personal life

  • Friendly reminder: we are okay the way we are, and we don’t need to be fixed - we can hold space for each other!

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